Language & Communication

Your child’s ability to succeed in school starts long before kindergarten.
Use the checklist to help you and your child keep track of the school readiness skills he or she has mastered. Place a check mark in each box once your child has completed the activities for that skill. Be sure to celebrate your child’s accomplishments through lots of praise and encouragement.

❏  Speaks in five- to six-word sentences
❏  Sings simple songs
❏  Recognizes and says simple rhymes
❏  Knows own full name
❏  Reads and writes own name
❏  Knows home address, phone number, and birthday
❏  Listens to and responds to stories read to them
❏  Uses scribbles and drawings to express ideas
❏  Knows how books work
    - Knows the difference between print and pictures
    - Knows that books are read from front to back
    - Knows that print moves from left to right, top to bottom
❏  Uses pictures to tell a story