General Knowledge & Mathematics

Your child’s ability to succeed in school starts long before kindergarten.
Use the checklist to help you and your child keep track of the school readiness skills he or she has mastered. Place a check mark in each box once your child has completed the activities for that skill. Be sure to celebrate your child’s accomplishments through lots of praise and encouragement.

❏  Sorts and classifies objects
❏  Notices similarities and differences
❏  Identifies basic colors
❏  Counts in a sequence up to 30
❏  Counts sets of objects up to 10
❏  Matches objects with numerals up to 10
❏  Recognizes, names, and copies basic shapes (including circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
❏  Asks such questions as who, what, when, where, why, and how
❏  Understands simple concepts of time (night and day, today, yesterday, tomorrow)